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Rundumdicht Universal M-12

complete sealing system for sliding doors

Athmer - securely sealed.

Sliding doors continue to be very popular in both the residential and commercial sectors. Models made of wood and metal can be protected against draughts, noise and smoke with the proven Athmer VHH sealing system. But, this doesn’t apply to glass sliding doors – considered unsealable simply because of their different fittings and wall spacings as well as their transparency. Athmer is now presenting a sealing system – the Universal all-round sealing system – at the Fensterbau Frontale 2018 trade fair that effectively seals sliding doors made of wood, metal and glass while also meeting visual requirements.

  • for single-wing sliding doors made of wood, metal and glass running in front of the wall
  • effective sealing against noise, smoke, draught and smells
  • four-sided sealing system without compromising on appearance
  • sealing at top and bottom: automatic drop seal
  • sealing betw. door and frame: magnetic sealing system which prevents the rattling of the door in case of pull- and pressure effect self-locking system without additional lock/hold
  • no need for a frame with back rabbet or inlet groove
  • door thickness irrelevant due to installation on the surface of the door leaf
  • can be combined with many common metal fittings for sliding doors
  • low opening forces by ideally matched magnetic sealing profiles
  • set for sliding door wing up to 2000 x 3000 mm max.
  • low effort in planning and installation
  • internal durability test according to DIN EN 1527, class 6 (> 200.000 cycles)

The Universal all-round sealing system seals sliding doors made of wood, metal and glass running in front of the wall on four sides up to a dimension of 2,000 x 3,000 mm without spoiling its attractive appearance. The sealing system is mounted on the door surface and wall in such a way that it is concealed by the wall and lintel when closed. Only the lower sealing layer remains visible but is concealed by a decorative aluminium panel. This also makes the system ideal for retrofitting.

"The demands of the market have increased significantly in recent years,” says Athmer. "Today, sliding glass doors also need to keep out noise, draughts and smoke – without compromising on their good looks, of course. Our four-sided Universal sealing system for sliding doors meets these requirements. The system can be used in many ways, making it suitable for all common hardware systems. It also reduces the amount of time and money spent in planning and installation."

Technical Data

Set consisting of

2 pieces

2 pair

1 piece (optional)


Slide M-12 Universal ZA

Slide Magnet

Alu Schwelle 308


single actuation, concealed actuation mechanism on the adjacent closing edge

Slide Magnet



11 mm



Sealing profile

self-extinguishing silicone

self-extinguishing silicone


Colour sealing profile




Material sealing profile


Aluminium plain, visible profiles anodized aluminium

Aluminium anodized



silver coloured anod. C-0/ stainless steel coloured anod. C-31


Min. length

450 mm



Max. length

1.958 mm

3.000 mm

2.000 mm

Standard length

Fixed lengths

2.500 mm / 3.000 mm

Fixed lengths

Can be reduced by





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