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The new stadi family

An automatic door seal for the widest variety of requirements

The new version of athmer's Stadi sealing range for system doors made of PVC, steel or aluminium is so versatile and adaptable that it covers a wide range of applications. All Stadi versions are based on the same mechanical philosophy, and this brings many advantages with it – such as parallel lowering, the lack of an inner rail offset or the option of time-delayed closing. Also, the new Stadi series has been extended to include seals in sizes 17/17 and 17/20.

  • clearly improved sound insulation value up to 54dB
  • additionally smaller dimensions (up to 17/17)
  • improved maintenance, easy disassembly of the inner rail to change the sealing profile
  • sliding actuator
  • actuation on the hinge side
  • optional: preparation for concealed flush bolt
  • optional: preparation for flush bolt
  • parallel lowering, automatic level compensation, overload protection
  • no inner rail offset, thus better tightness in the corner areas
  • barrier-freee, low opening forces

Bolt | Flush Bolt

In all Stadis, even in the smallest sealing dimension 17/17, 10mm-bolts can be guided through the seal. Also, the Stadi comes pre-fitted for a side-mounting flush bolt. The new Stadi range requires minimal effort to release, making it ideal for barrier-free buildings.


Delayed Drop

To avoid pressurisation when closing the door, selected Stadis are available with an optional mechanism, which delays the dropping of the seal. A combination of damping cylinder and spring extends the closing time of the seal to around 6 to 8 seconds. This means that air can be dispelled during this time, making the door suitable for airlock situations. When opened, the seal moves up again quickly without needlessly rubbing against the floor.



Athmer Rainstop®

The Athmer Rainstop® stands for certified quality: the renowned ift Rosenheim confirms the new sealing system's resistance to driving rain, resistance to wind load and excellent sound reduction values. Also, Athmer Rainstop® has successfully passed a salt spray test conducted by the Materials Testing Office of North Rhine-Westphalia and bears the tried-and-tested "Ü" sign of compliance.



The complete Stadi family

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THe new Stadi