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athmer finger protection systems have been preventing injuries for thirty years by effectively reducing the risk of fingers becoming accidentally trapped in doors.

Finger trap protection in child daycare centres

[Translate to english:] Klemmschutz in Kindertagesstätten

Children have other things in mind than their own safety - they are too busy curiously exploring their surroundings and expressing their creativity.

At their age, children are scarcely aware of the dangers in their environment and are unable to recognise potential hazards.

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Protection for automatic doors in accordance with EN16005

[Translate to english:] ATHMER kraftbetätigten Türen

Power-operated doors must open and close in safely in order to ensure safety in use. The German DIN 18650 standard and the European EN 16005 standard stipulates that potential crushing and shearing hazards must be identified and eliminated.

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Protection for fire and smoke protection doors

[Translate to english:] ATHMER Klemmschutz für Funktionstüren

Athmer finger protection systems are also suitable for use with fire doors and smoke protection doors. The materials used are fire-retardant.

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Experience | Expertise | Innovation

The Athmer Finger Protection® range has proven itself for many years. Find out about design optimisations and new products.

Simplified fitting with protective profile

Align. Press on. Fix. Done!

The protective profile from Athmer for surface-mounted hinges on aluminium doors preventing fingers becoming accidentally trapped.

The new BA-28+ is stageless adjustable for pivot points from 20 – 36 mm and therefore no costly spacer rail is needed. Additional a simple and safe assembly without marking or pre-drilling is granted. With the patented height adjustment and end caps on the profiles Athmer provides compliance according to DGUV and EN 16005. For a quicker mounting and additional time saving the BA-28+ can be ordered to size.


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The new protective profile BU-K+

adjustable clip-profile allows an easy mounting

Protective profiles on the opening face reliably safeguard the gap between the door leaf and the frame. Sometimes the security of the opening face is ignored – especially here the shearing forces are very dangerous and could cause damage a life-long. Due to the experience over the years Athmer offers solutions for most types of hinges.

  • for rebated doors with wooden or metal frames
  • easy and secure fitting with 2D fixing elemente
  • disassembly possible without damaging the profile
  • design-oriented profile geometry adapted to the hinge; invisible
  • different versions for hinges from Ø15 – 24 mm

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[Translate to english:] ATHMER Fingerschutz® NR-32

Athmer Fingerschutz® NR-32 UniSafe®

sets new standards

With the NR-32 UniSafe®, athmer has developed a new, universally usable finger protection system which proves itself through unique design, more safety and many additional features.

Athmer Fingerschutz® makes doors safe!

Every day, unnecessary accidents occur due to doors that are insufficiently protected or not safeguarded at all. With athmer’s finger protection systems, fingers catching between door leaf and frame can be effectively avoided. Planners, installers and building operators have relied for years on athmer’s tried and tested finger protection systems, as they offer added value in reliable safety, e.g. in kindergartens, schools, or medical and nursing facilities.

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TÜV/GS tested according to EN 16654

Always state-of-the-art technology

The Athmer finger protection® series has successfully been certified by TÜV-Rheinland in accordance with EN 16654 TÜV/GS.


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BD+ profiles

for doors without rebate with automatic door seals

The design of our BD profiles has been optimised. The risk of impact can be reduced right at the hinge.


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Protects little children’s hands

The HS-25 safeguards the main closing edge of doors and protects fingers from becoming trapped in the door. It also prevents the door from accidentally slamming shut.


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NR-32 UniSafe® GLASS

Safe finger protection solutions

The Athmer finger protection® for every type of glass door 


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BA-28 + BA-22

hinge-side safeguards

The right solution to every problem - variably adjustable protection for surface-mounted hinges on metal and plastic doors.  

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Further information on the Athmer Finger Protection® Systems is available for download.