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PORTI® for glass doors

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The opening angle can be individually set as well as infinitely adjusted up to a maximum of 120 degrees. By using the Porti, it is possible to dispense with door stops and joints on the floor that pose tripping hazards and get in the way during cleaning.

Technical data

  • maximum door leaf weight > 50 kg
  • Silver-coloured, anodised
  • restrictor plate is bonded to glass door leaf
  • particularly thin lever of only 2 mm
  • restrictor plate 16.8 x 12.2 mm
  • endurance tested on the basis of DIN EN 13126-5 Meets class 4
  • door opening angle max. 120°
  • the use of sandblasted glass doors is not recommended
  • suitable for doors made of 8 / 10 /12 mm ESG and also for LSG made from ESG
  • 10 mm ESG with Office hinges and adjustable hinge retainer
Porti® for glass doors
door leaf width 709 - 959 mm
frame Holz Metall
door leaf weight 50 kg 50 kg
for retrofitable   x
number 5487 5318




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