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Development and innovation

At the Athmer Technical Centre, we support you not only as a consulting serviceprovider but also as a development partner: applying an innovative and effective form of teamwork known as “concurrentengineering”, we work in parallel with you on your new product during the entire development process and, if necessary, involve your suppliers as well. This makes it possible to bring new products to  the market directly and extremely quickly. High costs for faulty designs or repeat tests are a thing of the past.

On the basis of your concrete requirements profile, we start on the development work for your product, working in parallel with you. Once an initial product sample has been created, we check it in the Athmer Technical Centre for compliance with the desired properties. In a series of development loops, we then continue to optimise the product samples. At the end of each loop, a further test is carried out in the Technical Centre. This allows us to see immediately whether we are on the right track, and to otherwise take immediate corrective action.

Let us work together to develop your new product to market maturity quickly and cost-efficiently.

athmer technical centre

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