athmer adapts to the market and offers solutions

The combination of experience, competence and quality enables a permanent further development of the product range. With the most extensive range on the market, athmer covers almost every application.

athmer is the leading international manufacturer of seal and finger protection systems for doors and gates. Over 60 years of experience, a constant spirit of innovation and an unconditional commitment to quality and customer orientation have made the company a technology leader.
athmer offers the right solution for almost every application. In addition to automatic drop seals for sound, smoke and fire protection doors, this also includes sustainable, barrier-free and special solutions to always meet the requirements of the market.
The athmer finger protection is also positioned in the portfolio. The systems are used in a wide variety of applications - wherever the unintentional trapping of fingers is to be effectively prevented. For example, a finger protection roller blind can provide reliable safety in kindergartens for power-operated doors or on fire and fire protection doors.

Automatic drop seals

athmer finger protection

Schall-Ex® L-8

Schall-Ex® L-8
Schall-Ex® L-8

The drop seal for double rebate doors

In the case of door elements with very high sound insulation, two sealing levels are often used both for the perimeter seals or impact seals and for the bottom seals. The second rebate in double rebate doors or in flush doors with an additional rebate is usually very narrow, which requires the narrowest possible drop seal. Especially when the thickness of the door has been reduced to a necessary minimum.

In order to offer the market a solution for this ... read more.


Comfort-Plan® Nullschwelle
Comfort-Plan® Nullschwelle

The zero threshold set ensures safety

Door thresholds in entrance areas can be dangerous tripping hazards. A coordinated system of zero threshold and automatic drop seal can support active fall prevention - and is eligible for subsidies.
athmer is now launching a set for two threshold widths, which are ideal for timber exterior doors ... read more.

Athmer Fingerschutz® - Solutions for the hinge-side

Lösung für bandseitige Schutzprofile
Lösung für bandseitige Schutzprofile

The + of adjustability

With its 2D fastening element, athmer offers a modular system of hinge-side protective profile solutions for various door applications and an additional "+" in adjustability. Customers thus always have the right solution without additional costly relinings.
The assembly of the various protective profiles is always carried out according to the same principle with the 2D fastening element thanks to athmer's modular system. This gives the installer the best possible installation safety. Standard-compliant protection of the gap between the door leaf and frame is thus guaranteed.

Athmer Fingerschutz® - for every glass door

Lösung für jede Glastür - NR-32 UniSafe® Glas
Lösung für jede Glastür - NR-32 UniSafe® Glas

NR-32 UniSafe® Glass

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