Easy and secure fitting

Protective profiles on the opening face reliably safeguard the gap between the door leaf and the frame. The adapted profile geometry and the adjustable 2D fastening element ensure easy assembly/disassembly.

BU-K⁺ - for rebated doors

The adapted profile geometry and the adjustable clip profile ensure easy assembly/disassembly. Readjustment is also possible and thus offers ideal protection for the door on the hinge side.

Improved hinge-side protective profile BU-K⁺

Easy and secure fitting with 2D fixing element

  • for rebated doors with timber or metal frames
  • no time-consuming installation of spacers
  • standard-compliant adjustment possible in steps of 0.5 mm 

Adjustable 2D fixing element

  • 2D fixing elements are positioned and aligned with the help of the profile
  • vertically and laterally adjustable in relation to the hinge axis; readjustable, to prevent sharp edges
  • safe installation and secure fit with a maximum gap of 4 mm in accordance with DGUV regulations

Disassembly possible without damaging the profile

  • for cleaning or for readjusting the hinge

Different versions for hinges from Ø 15 – 24 mm

  • one fixing element with firm fixing for various profile sizes

Fitting instructions

Standard-compliant adjustment via 2D fixing element


Attention! Bump edge!


Readjustable in height and to the side

Normkomforme Montage
Normkomforme Montage

Standard-compliant installation without spacers

Fitting instructions video

Included in delivery

  • screws for timber and steel frames are included in the scope of delivery
  • retrofittable and maintenance-free; colour matching possible
  • available as a set, made to measure, for installation under, between and above the hinges
  • self-cut version for shortening is available in lengths: 1,980 mm (3 parts) or 1,755 mm (2 parts)
  • Bulk packaging for commercial projects is possible on request
BU-K Plus athmer Fingerschutz LIeferumfang
BU-K Plus athmer Fingerschutz LIeferumfang

Technical information

Solutions for different versions for hinges from Ø 15 – 24 mm

athmer Fingerschutz BU-K
athmer Fingerschutz BU-K

Examples of use

Anwendungsbeispiele BU-K+
Anwendungsbeispiele BU-K+

Product infromation

Do you have questions about BU-K+?

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