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Questions about drop seals

I am a private customer and have questions about my seal. Who do I need to contact?

We are pleased that you are interested in our drop seals. In order to answer as many questions as possible, we have designed our website to be as customer-friendly as possible. Many questions about the products can be answered directly via the product finder, as the relevant technical product data is stored there. We also explain the basics of (automatic) drop seals on our topic pages and we have a comprehensive Q&A section.

If you still have questions, please contact your specialist retailer. He is your contact for all questions regarding the selection of the right seal and will be happy to advise you on how to install it.

I am a commercial customer and have questions about seals. Who do I need to contact?

As a specialist retailer, you can reach us by phone and by mail. If you are already working with us, please have your customer number ready. If you have a question reagarding an order, please state your order number.

For questions about seals you can reach us by phone +49 (0) 2932 - 477 500 or via e-mail. As an architect, carpenter or processing company, you are also welcome to contact our technical consultants in the field.

I am looking for a specific product. Where can I find it?

Information about our products can be found in various ways. On the one hand, we have the product finder, in which all products are listed with the corresponding product information.

On the other hand, our website has a search function. You simply enter the desired article name or article number and the search will refer you to the product's detail page.

If you still cannot find a satisfactory answer, you can contact our service.

What does DIN direction mean?

DIN-L or DIN-R describes on which side the swing door is to be opened. To determine the direction, stand directly in front of the closed door. The hinges of the door must be visible. If the hinges are on the left side of the door, it is called DIN-L, the stop is on the left. If the hinges are on the right side of the door, it is called DIN-R, the stop is on the right.

Sliding doors can be opened to the left as well as to the right if the edge design and appearance are identical. If this is not the case, the running direction of the sliding door must be determined.

How do I adjust my drop seal to different air gaps?

The actuator allows the drop to be adjusted. When adjusting, note that a standard DIN A4 sheet can easily be slid under the closed door seal. A too tight bottom pressure minimises the sealing performance.

What does parallel lowering mean?

Parallel lowering enables the sealing profile to be lowered simultaneously over the entire seal length.

What does automatic level compensation mean?

If the door gap is not the same over the entire length, this can be automatically compensated for by the inner mechanism of the bottom seal.

Do I have to grease the sealing profile?

Under no circumstances should the athmer sealing pofilel be treated with any kind of lubricant (oil, silicone spray or similar). Greasing, oiling or spraying the sealing profile with a universal care product impairs its functionality and must therefore be avoided at all costs.

How often do door seals need to be maintained?

Drop seals are maintenance-free when used properly. Their functionality should be checked once a year.

Which tool do I need to mill a groove?

The installation of an automatic drop seals should only be carried out by trained specialists in order to avoid injuries and to ensure the functionality of the product. Skilled personnel usually make use of groove cutters and/or routing aids.

What are the advantages of a sliding actuator?

The sliding actuator is a release variant that brings many advantages. A pressure plate is no longer required, as the design of the actuator glides over surfaces without damaging the frame. It can be adjusted without tools and is suitable for lacquered, glazed and colour-coated frames made of timber and steel.

Which seal fits in a smoke and/or fire door?

No subsequent modification is permitted on approved smoke and fire doors. Not even the installation of a drop seal. However, it is crucial that the seal suitable for a fire or smoke protection door is approved by a recognised body after installation. Only the official inspection allows the use of a seal for smoke and/or fire doors.

How to cut back a drop seal?

In general, the shortening of the drop seal is only recommended to be carried out by trained specialists in order to avoid injuries and to ensure the functionality of the drop seal. Drop seals can be shortened by a certain amount. You can find an exact measurement on the label of the drop seal in the technical product data.

How do I shorten the drop seal sealing profile?

If necessary, shorten the sealing profile to the frame rebate dimension. If you have any questions about the projection of the sealing lip, our service department will be happy to help you. The sealing profile can be cut with scissors or a cutter knife.

What does overload protection mean?

If the lower door gap decreases during the life of the door, a drop seal with overload protection does not need to be manually readjusted.

Pivot doors: Is the counter roller 5817 adjustable?

Yes, this is adjustable. For this purpose, one or more M5 washers can be deposited in the hole during fastening.

Questions about finger protection systems

What are protection profiles on the hinge side suitable for?

Hinge-side protective profiles reliably protect the gap between the door leaf and the frame on the hinge side. Hinge stands for metal fittings on the door. athmer offers a wide range of suitable protective profiles. Consultation is recommended before purchase.

What does secondary closing edge/hinge side mean?

The secondary closing edge is the side of the swing door on which the hinges have been fitted. When opening the door, dangerous crushing or shearing points can occur in the gap between the door leaf and the frame. The secondary closing edge can be protected with finger protection products.

What does main closing edge mean?

The main closing edge is the side of the swing door that can be opened. The door opener is located at this edge and the swing door can be opened inwards or outwards.

What are closing edges?

Hinged doors have different closing edges. These are described in DIN 18650-1. There is a main closing edge, a secondary closing edge and a counter-closing edge. Closing edges can pose a danger to fingers or hands, because if the door closes unintentionally, dangerous crushing or shearing points are created on the door.

What is the purpose of a finger protection rollo?

A finger protection rollo is a door gap cover, i.e. it protects the secondary closing edge of the counter hinge side. When the door closes, the finger protection rollo automatically extends and then lies tightly over the door gap. Consultation is recommended before purchase.

What does lock side mean?

The lock side is the main closing edge of the door. The HS-25 clamping protection can reliably secure the lock side, for example. Consultation is recommended before purchase.

General questions about the products

Where can I find technical information about the products?

The product finder contains all technical information on the respective product. Deposited are:  

  • technical product details
  • technical drawings
  • fitting instructions
  • product data sheets

Where can I find fitting instructions?

The fitting instructions are available for download on the product pages. If you cannot find the assembly instructions on the respective page, please contact our service team.

I have a complaint/return. Who should I contact?

Please contact our service team for this. They will be happy to advise you personally and discuss the further procedure with you.

I bought a seal from athmer on the internet. How do I fit it?

Please note that our seals are developed for specialist retailers and fabricators. Accordingly, professional installation is also important in order to obtain optimum performance. If the product is not installed professionally, we cannot accept any guarantee.

Where can I find test certificates?

On the respective product pages you will find information on the test certificates. If you need more information, please contact our service team.

What does rebated or flush door leaf mean?

If the door is closed with a flush door leaf, an even surface is created between the door leaf and the door frame. On the other hand, a rebated door protrudes from the frame.

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