Invisible silencer in the hotel room

High expectations are placed on modern hotel rooms. Functionality, appealing design and a resulting feel-good atmosphere are decisive for hotel room design. Comfort is based on many details that are not visible at first glance - such as the door.

Seals in hotel rooms

The door of a hotel room is the second impression that nevertheless counts. If the hotel door opens smoothly and without much force, the guest decides in seconds whether he or she feels comfortable in the rooms. If the guest steps over the threshold, the room door closes gently and automatically. The door now provides the desired security and privacy in the room and the guest feels comfortable.

Soundproof inside and outside - privacy and security

Protection against noise and other disturbing sounds are the tasks that a soundproof door with the appropriate seal fulfils in a hotel room. In combination with a suitable door, the athmer Schall-Ex® achieves sound insulation values of up to 52 dB with a floor gap of 7 mm. The guest does not recognise this luxury at first glance, because the seal forms a unit with the room door.

Redevelopment? No problem

Thanks to the unobtrusive design of the seal, the appearance of the door is not negatively affected even if it is retrofitted. Schall-Ex®, Wind-Ex or Nadi® are automatic drop seals that can be fitted to the door quickly and easily. Normal hotel operations are not disturbed even during installation, so there are no financial losses.

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