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    Athmer Schall-Ex®

    The classic seal

    Positive feedback throughout and enthusiastic customers confirm the exceptionally high sound reduction values of the seals. With a sealing height of 7 mm, the Schall-Ex® L-15 now reaches values of 52 dB, and with a 15 mm sealing height it is still 51 dB, which means that Athmer has set a new industry-wide benchmark with proven groove dimensions of 15 x 30 mm. Even with double-leaf door systems with the optimally matched flush bolt - which Athmer supplies directly as required - the Schall-Ex® provides excellent sealing performance, since the protrusion of the sealing profile on the closing side of the door leaf eliminates any gaps.

    The new generation of automatic door seals

    Tool-free adjustable sliding actuator saves time

    The new generation of seals can also be installed much faster and thus more cost-effectively. Thanks to a standard and tool-free adjustable sliding actuator, there is no need to invest time in attaching a protective pressure plate - even with varnished wooden frames. This is an enormous advantage, both functionally and visually! The clip-on actuator, which can also be retrofitted, also has another tangible advantage: This means that the seal can be actuated and put into operation for the first time when the new building is ready for occupancy. This ensures that dirt, debris and dust from the construction site do not damage the sealing profile in advance or impair its function.

    Athmer Schall-Ex®

    Fast and reliable installation
    • High sound absorption capacity up to 52 dB
    • As DUO version, with double actuation
    • Increased stability of form in the door rebate area Optimal corner connection
    • Easy handling with shortened seal length
    • With optional flush bolt and flush bolt set-up
    • For single and double-wing door systems
    • Faster installation due to sliding actuator without a press plate
    • Sealing profile made of self-extinguishing silicone for acoustic, smoke and fire doors
    • Perfect seal in combination with Athmer thresholds
    • Compliance with requirements for barrier-free buildings
    • All automatic door seals are supplied with the U-sign of compliance

    The complete Schall-Ex® family

    You can find all Schall-Ex® models with our Opens internal link in current windowproduct selector.