Our drop seals solve problems.

Whatever demands are placed on a seal: the Stadi meets them. The latest version of athmer's sealing range for metal and system doors made of PVC, steel or aluminium is so versatile and adaptable that it covers a wide range of applications.


The new version of athmer's Stadi sealing range for metal and system doors made of PVC, steel or aluminium is so versatile and adaptable that it covers a wide range of applications. All Stadi versions are based on the same mechanical philosophy, and this brings many advantages with it – such as parallel lowering, the lack of an inner rail offset or the option of time-delayed closing. Also, the new Stadi series has been extended to include seals in sizes 17/17 and 17/20.


  • for sound, smoke and fire doors
  • barrier-free 
  • up to 16 mm travel
  • smoke protection according to DIN 18095/EN 1634
  • automatic height compensation 
  • automatic level compensation


Flush bolt/ Concealed flush bolt

In all Stadis, even in the smallest sealing dimension 17/17, 10mm-bolts can be guided through the seal. Also, the Stadi comes pre-fitted for a side-mounting flush bolt. The new Stadi range requires minimal effort to release, making it ideal for barrier-free buildings.

The Stadi family

stadi 17/17 ws

Stadi M-17/17

stadi 17/20 ws

Stadi L-17/20

Stadi L 24/20 WS

Stadi L-20/20

Stadi L 24/20 WS

Stadi L-24/20

resistance to driving rain  

Rainstop® L-24/20 WS

For athmer, the optimal ease of use of doors has traditionally been at the top of the agenda in product development. Today, we are seeing that the requirements for barrier-free planning, building and living are moving more and more into focus.
But despite zero threshold and accessibility, especially on exterior doors, neither wind and driving rain nor noise must be allowed to penetrate into the interior.

With the new Rainstop® exterior door seal, athmer is launching a drop seal on the market that fulfils all of these requirements.

Rainstop® stands for tested quality: the renowned ift Rosenheim certifies that the new sealing system is impervious to driving rain, resistant to wind loads and has excellent sound insulation values of up to 54dB. Furthermore, the Rainstop® has successfully passed a salt-spray test conducted by the MPA NRW. Rainstop® is based on the technology of the well-known and proven Stadi-L series for system doors. The sealing system is certified as barrier-free in accordance with DIN 18040. System door manufacturers can adapt the Rainstop® individually, according to the geometry of their aluminium, PVC or steel door in the corner area - each profile door manufacturer requires its own solution depending on the position of the seal and the hinge geometry. We offer competence and experience for cooperation and develop a solution with the manufacturer that offers the highest level of tightness in the areas of wind, driving rain and noise with the least amount of effort. In individual cases, additional measures such as weather bars, abrasive brushes and drainage options in the threshold area can be considered and tested.

Rainstop® gegen Schalgregen
Rainstop® Eckenabdichtung für Holztüren

For timber doors, the sealing system is available in a set with a matching corner solution. The corner connection is made of a special water-repellent EPDM foam and can be cut to various rebate depths and geometries easily and in a very short time. The self-adhesive foam parts are simply stuck to the frame and require no drying time. A frame gap of three to six millimetres is thus effectively covered without further adjustment of the seal and the door is protected against driving rain on all sides.

The versatile Stadi - all advantages at a glance

Delayed drop section

To avoid pressurisation when closing the door, selected Stadis are available with an optional mechanism, which delays the dropping of the seal. The combination of a damping cylinder and spring extends the time the seal takes to drop.

This means that air can be dispelled during this time, making the door suitable for airlock situations. When opened, the seal moves up again quickly without needlessly rubbing against the floor.

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