Barrier-free. Convenient. Maintenance-free.
The Comfort-Plan® zero threshold set


The convenient solution for timber and timber-aluminium doors for domestic and commercial use: With its minimal threshold height, the Comfort-Plan® zero threshold set from athmer safeguards people with restricted mobility and the elderly by protecting them from falls.

The excellent sealing properties of the set help to save energy and lend it to use in passive house construction. But these attributes in no way compromise the high standards of convenience and stylishness that the set was designed to meet. Comfort-Plan® is intended for use in new builds as well as for fitting later to existing buildings – particularly when it comes to public entry doors, elderly and disabled housing and all buildings where accessibility is a must. The set is eligible for subsidies in private use.

How it works

The Comfort-Plan® set consists of a drop seal that actuates automatically and a genuine zero threshold which is available in two widths that reflect the thickness of the door. The set can be combined with on-site drainage solutions and substructure insulation profiles to further optimise its energy-saving and sealing performance. The seal is activated even by small operating forces and is lowered evenly to optimally fit the particular level.

Added safety

Secure in every way! The zero threshold of the Comfort-Plan® set protects disabled or elderly people from falls and can be easily negotiated by rollators and wheelchairs. Since the drop seal of the Comfort-Plan® set lowers parallel and automatically compensates any unevenness in the floor, it leaves no chance for air, wind, water and driving rain to enter. The overload protection also safeguards against pressure damage.

 Sicherheitsgewinn durch Nullschwellen
Sicherheitsgewinn durch Nullschwellen

Improved safety due to zero thresholds

Demographic change means that 2.5 million additional barrier-free homes will be required in Germany by the year 2030. The number of elderly people relying on wheelchairs or walking aids will steadily increase. This makes it all the more important for the elderly and disabled to have safe and easy access to their homes or public buildings. Comfort-Plan® ensures barrier-free access and minimises the risk of falls as a result. Zero threshold means added safety for the elderly since it is not a tripping hazard.

Schlagregen dicht
Schlagregen dicht

Certified driving rain tight

Exemplary tests conducted with the Comfort-Plan® set have already proven its effectiveness in sealing exterior doors against air, wind, water and driving rain. The proven construction itself has been shown to meet Class 7A driving rain tightness (300 pa) without any additional drainage. Incorporating on-site drainage, such as ACO DRAIN®, could further improve the test results. Comfort-Plan® features a particularly high corner seal since there is no inner rail offset.

More sustainability

Klimatrennung Nullschwelle
Klimatrennung Nullschwelle

Energy-saving through zero threshold

No more thermal bridges! If the Comfort-Plan® set is combined with a substructure insulating profile, the floor inside the building is thermally separated from the ground outside the building. This is an effective way of retaining the heat inside the building. The Comfort-Plan® set also comes with proven wind protection. These benefits are reflected in the low heat transfer factor, which also predestines Comfort-Plan® for use in passive buildings.

Greater convenience

 Schallschutz/Schutz vor Lärm
Schallschutz/Schutz vor Lärm

Sound insulation / noise protection

Traffic noise and street sounds remain outside with Comfort-Plan®. The sealing set also contributes to a pleasantly quiet atmosphere inside the building. Comfort-Plan® features considerably improved sound insulation properties.

Ansprechendes Design
Ansprechendes Design

Attractive design

The Comfort-Plan® set fits seamlessly into every environment thanks to its sleek and stylish exterior and its concealed screws. The zero threshold and the seal itself are made of high-quality aluminium with an eloxal finish. The threshold and seal are corrosion-protected and suitable for long-term outdoor use.

Tough performer

comfort plan schwelle alltagsbeständig
comfort plan schwelle alltagsbeständig

Works seamlessly in long-term everyday use

Completely maintenance-free! If ever necessary: easy dismantling of the inner rail, parallel lowering, no malfunctions due to dirt. The Comfort-Plan® system does its work tirelessly day in day out – and is completely maintenance-free as well. It works properly even when the threshold is dirty and thus uneven, since the seal drops automatically and adapts every time to the level it encounters. Undetected failure is therefore impossible.

If the seal becomes damaged during transport or installation, the inner rail can be easily disassembled and replaced without the need for time-consuming and labor-intensive removal of the entire door.

Installation mandatory
according to DIN 18040-1

  • Publicly accessible cultural, educational and healthcare buildings
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Office, administration and court buildings
  • Retail or catering establishments and hotels
  • Parking spaces, garages and toilet facilities

Voluntary installation

  • Private houses and flats
  • Conversion to barrier-free living (eligible for subsidies of up to €4000 per building project)

What types of door is the system suitable for?

The Comfort-Plan® set provides an ideal seal for outer doors in the commercial and private sector. The system is particularly suitable for barrier-free new builds. It can also be used in existing buildings when a new door is planned. The system is then either retrofitted or installed after renovation work.

Comfort-Plan® is suitable for the following types of door:

  • Timber doors
  • Timber-aluminium doors
  • Hinged doors
  •  Façade doors/outer doors
  • Single-leaf, single-leaf with side part, double-leaf
geprüfte Qualität
geprüfte Qualität

Certified quality

  • In use long-term
  • Proven protection from air, wind, water and driving rain


  • Up to €4000 subsidy for private barrier-free conversion projects

Complies with statutory requirements

  • Legal framework conditions

How do I put the system together?

We recommend having the element measured up for size by the fitter who builds or delivers the door. athmer produces the set according to these measurements.

komfortplan set Inhalt
komfortplan set Inhalt


  • Pre-assembled, held in stock
  • Quick delivery

Special sizes

  • Individual configuration
  • Maximum length of 4 metres
  • Delivery time 10 days

Easy to install and delivery to size

The Comfort-Plan® zero threshold set is quick and easy to install. athmer delivers the set either in standard sizes, which can be adapted on site, or supplies it made to measure, to the nearest millimetre, in line with individual customer wishes – with a maximum length of 4 metres. This dispenses with time-consuming cutting to size and means that installation requires only a few simple steps. Everything is completed within 30 minutes.

Fixing the threshold in place can then be completed in only 30 minutes. The delivery time for the Comfort-Plan® set is a maximum of 10 working days ex works

Further information

Test certificates
Installation instructions

Want to know more about how it works or about possible uses?

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