Smoke protection with profile.

Narrow. Discreet. Elegant. Nadi® both protects against dangerous fumes and offers excellent sound insulation values.

Nadi® Retrofitting sealing system

Nadi® is suitable for retrofitting and improves the sound insulation values. In addition, it upgrades existing fire doors to smoke protection doors. As the first and so far only tested system on the market, Nadi® has a flexible and spring-mounted sealing profile that compensates for a deformation of the door leaf of up to 10 mm - optionally even up to 14 mm. Nadi® meets the requirements of DIN 18095 as well as the new European standard EN 1634 for use as retrofit smoke protection for existing fire doors.

Advantages of the Nadi® System

Turn old into tight. The heart of Nadi® is the spring-loaded seal. The system thus ensures that the door always closes tightly - even if the door is thermally deformed. The special feature: Nadi® is able to compensate for a twisting of the door leaf of up to 14 mm. This gives you valuable minutes to save lives if the worst comes to the worst. With Nadi® you have certainly thought of everything.

  • retrofit smoke protection for existing fire doors
  • efficient sound and draught protection for hotel and flat doors
  • effort-reduced installation during operation
  • durable and maintenance-free

Smoke protection with profile

  • discreet appearance, thus maximum architectural freedom
  • discreet clip-on cover profile without visible screw connection
  • end-treated surface, silver anodized (C-0)
  • for flush and reveal mounting of single and double-leaf doors as well as fire dampers
  • for double-leaf doors with middle face seal

DIN 18095-2

This standard contains requirements for smoke control doors, regardless of the materials they are made of. Smoke control doors which comply with this standard are suitable for preventing the spread of smoke in buildings. The standard covers single-wing and double-wing hinged doors; other types of doors such as sliding doors, roller shutters and sectional doors etc. do not fall within the scope of this standard.

DIN EN 1634-3

Test standard: Smoke control door seals This European standard relates to fire and/or smoke control properties only, including the ability to approve automatic closing.

Smoke protection door

Seal intended to restrict the entry of smoke within specified limits when it is closed. This is done in such a way that in the event of a fire, the room located behind it can be used for about 10 minutes to rescue people without the need for respiratory protection.

In the event of fire or smoke, it is assumed that a door leaf becomes strongly deformed and thereby loses its ability to provide a tight seal. The leak rate of a door during a laboratory test, with a maximum pressure differential of 50Pa and a maximum temperature of 200°C, must not be greater than 20m3/h in the case of single-wing doors and 30m3/h in double-wing doors.


Nadi® has been tested in accordance with the standards of DIN 18095 and the European standard EN 1634 for use as retrofit smoke protection for existing fire doors. In addition, the innovative sealing system has received the test certificate (exemplary test) of the Materialprüfungsamt NRW and successfully demonstrated its sustainability within the scope of a cycle test (1 million switching operations).

Building law information

athmer confirms with the test certificate issued by the Materials Testing Institute of North Rhine-Westphalia (MPA NRW) that the Nadi® frame sealing system in conjunction with the Schall-Ex® L-15 FS retractable floor seal is suitable for upgrading a fire door based on DIN 18095-2 and DIN EN 1634-3 for smoke doors.

The test certificate serves the responsible expert, the fire protection officer or the responsible building inspection authority as a guarantee of the use of a professional and high-quality sealing system. Retrofittable sealing systems are not part of the general building approval (abZ) for a door.

For any official approval that may be required, we will provide you with the test certificate . Please do not hesitate to contact us


Reveal mounting

SET Nadi® LM 

  • for single and double leaf doors
  • optional with automatic drop seal Schall-Ex® L-15 FS, surfaced mounted
  • preformed corners

Flush mounting

SET Nadi® FM

  • for single and double-wing doors
  • optional with automatic drop seal Schall-Ex® L-15 FS, surfaced mounted

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