Sealed doors for more comfort

Installing an automatic drop seal is always a good idea, because it noticeably increases living comfort. Its use offers reliable protection against noise and sounds, dust, dirt and unpleasant draughts.

Fields of application

object area

  • administration building
  • hotel and gastronomy
  • hospitals and medical practices
  • retirement homes
  • residential complexes
  • swimming pools and spa areas
  • underground garages

private area

  • front doors
  • apartment doors
  • interior doors 
  • kitchen areas


athmer drop seals and Athmer Fingerschutz® are certified according to the standard for barrier-free design, construction and living (DIN 18040) and meet the requirements for permissible operating forces for barrier-free doors (DIN EN 12217)... More information

Sound protection

Türdichtung - Barrierefreiheit
Türdichtung - Barrierefreiheit

According to DIN 4109, soundproofing doors require the use of an automatic drop seal to minimize everyday noise pollution reliably. athmer Schall-Ex® has established itself as a synonym for high-quality soundproofing door seals.

Smoke and fire protection

Türdichtung Brandschutz
Türdichtung Brandschutz

Pollutants, such as toxic smoke gases, have no chance of spreading in buildings if smoke protection doors, according to DIN 18095 (RS-1/RS-2) are present. These are equipped with an automatic drop seal to prevent the spread of smoke effectively.


Türdichtung Schlagregen
Türdichtung Schlagregen

Preventing draughts from entering and preventing heat leakage: these are the main tasks of an athmer drop seal, which can also be retrofitted to the door. Thanks to an athmer (automatic) drop seal, living comfort can be increased quickly and easily.

Driving rain

Türdichtung Zugluft
Türdichtung Zugluft

DIN EN 12208 classifies the tightness of doors and windows against driving rain. During the test, the drop seal must withstand rain and strong winds for a certain time. The outer drop seals from athmer offer a symbiosis of maximum tightness and comfort without thresholds.

Moist and wet room

Türdichtung Feucht- und Nassraum
Türdichtung Feucht- und Nassraum

High temperatures, high humidity: drop seals for damp and wet rooms have to withstand a lot. Suitable athmer drop seals fulfil the highest corrosion class 5 according to DIN EN 1670.

Do you have questions about drop seals?

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