Effectively seal glass sliding doors.

With the Universal M-12 system, athmer presents a sealing system that effectively seals sliding doors made of timber, metal and glass, while also meeting visual requirements.

Sliding door system Universal M-12

Sliding doors continue to be a strong trend in both the residential and commercial sectors. Doors made of timber and metal have been protected against drafts, sound, and smoke for years with the proven athmer VHH sealing system. There has not yet been an automatic system for sliding doors made of glass. They were considered unsealable simply because of their different fittings and wall clearances as well as their transparency.

With the Universal M-12 system, sliding doors made of timber, metal and glass up to a size of 2,000 x 3,000 mm running in front of the wall can be sealed on four sides without affecting the appearance. The sealing system is mounted on the door surface and wall in such a way that it is concealed by the wall and lintel when closed. Only the lower sealing level remains visible, but is concealed by a decorative aluminum screen. Thus, the system is also suitable for retrofitting.

Market requirements have increased significantly in recent years. Today, sliding glass doors should also keep out sound, drafts and smoke - without compromising on appearance, of course. Our four-sided universal sealing system for sliding doors meets these requirements. As the system is versatile and suitable for all common hardware systems, it also reduces planning and installation work, which in turn saves time and cost.

For glass doors

For timber doors


  • effective sealing against sound, smoke, drafts and odors
  • prevents the door from rattling under the influence of suction and pressure
  • door thickness independent due to mounting on the door leaf surface
  • can be combined with many common sliding door fittings
  • lowest opening forces due to optimally matched magnetic sealing profiles
  • internal continuous function test according to DIN EN 1527, class 6 (> 200,000 cycles)

Individual planning of your sealing system

Are you interested in a complete sealing system for glass or timber sliding doors? We need the horizontal and vertical section drawing of the door as a CAD file set in .dxf or .dwg format for individual planning. We will gladly assist you

Do you have questions about the M-12 system?

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