Securing the secondary closing edge on the opposite hinge side

athmer finger protection roller blinds secure the doors against accidental entrapment.

Athmer Fingerschutz® roller blinds

Tried and tested for years - thanks to their quality and durability athmer finger protection roller blinds were the first products on the market to effectively secure the gap on the opposite hinge side of doors against fingers becoming trapped. Since then, planners and fabricators have deliberately opted for athmer finger protection roller blinds because they ensure safety not only in kindergartens, schools and hospitals and care facilities. In addition, finger protection roller blinds offer superior protection against residual risks on automatic doors.

Absicherund der Schließkanten

The advantages at a glance:

  • reliably cover the gap between door leaf and frame on the opposite hinge side
  • solutions for all types of doors
  • maintenance-free and retrofittable
  • easy to clean - surface wipe disinfection suitable
  • universally applicable in extreme environmental conditions, such as: dust, dirt, cold, heat and humidity
  • delivery includes accessories and suitable fixing material
  • aluminium profiles
  • individual colour design possible
  • available in fixed lengths (made to measure) and standard lengths - cannot be shortened
  • TÜV/GS-tested quality

NR-32 UniSafe®
our premium product

  • click system with concealed screw connection
  •  improved door gap

Our portfolio

Finger protection roller blinds for indoor use

Fingerschutzrollos für den Außenbereich

Overview of the performance features of the finger protection roller blinds

Where are the differences?

The difference between the three roll types NR-25, NR-30 and NR-32 UniSafe® can best be shown in a comparison:

overview finger protection

Colour variants

athmer offers a flexible colour design for all finger protection profiles (hinge side and opposite hinge side). For the NR-30, NR-38 and NR-32 UniSafe® models, you can also vary the covers.

In addition to the standard profile colours RAL9016, RAL7016, C-0 and C-31, you can also choose from the wide range of colours on the RAL Classic card. Other anodised shades such as C-32, C-33, C-34 or C-35 are also possible. All other special requests on request.

silberfarbig eloxiert
RAL 9016
RAL 7016
edelstahlfarbig eloxiert

Coloured covers


For the NR-30, NR-38 and NR-32 UniSafe® models, athmer offers further coloured variants: black-white, black-blue, black-yellow, black-green, black-bordeau.

We would be happy to send you sample sections of these coloured covers.


Ram protection for NR-32 UniSafe®

  • Stainless steel impact protection element can be retrofitted e.g. for hospitals or airports to prevent the finger protection roller blind from being "driven off" by hospital beds or luggage trolleys
  • force-deflecting element serves as additional protection for the door and frame - ideal for automatic door applications
  • reduced repair costs especially in buildings with many secured automatic doors

Do you have questions about the finger protection roller blinds?

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