Sealed doors for more comfort

Installing an automatic drop seal is always a good idea, because it noticeably increases living comfort. Its use offers reliable protection against noise and sounds, dust, dirt and unpleasant draughts.

The task of an auto drop seal

The task of an automatic drop seal is to ensure that the gap between the floor and the swing door is tightly closed. And it works like this: when the door is closed, the seal lowers automatically due to a release mechanism. The bottom gap between the floor and the door closes and noise, draughts and cold no longer have a chance to enter the room.

The good thing is that this process does not require any electricity, because the automatic door seal is activated and deactivated by a spring mechanism. This sophisticated technology also makes it possible to use it on uneven floors. The sealing profile adapts ideally to the floor conditions, regardless of whether it is uneven, sloping, concave or convex.

athmer Schall-Ex
athmer Schall-Ex

With the latest generation of the Schall-Ex® L-15, athmer sets standards on the market.


Whatever demands are made on a drop seal: Stadi meets them.


The zero threshold set ensures safety and offers the ideal introduction to accessibility in new buildings.


The Rainstop® exterior drop seal meets all accessibility requirements and is ideal for front doors.


With the Universal L-15 system, athmer presents a sealing system that effectively seals sliding doors made of wood, metal and glass.


athmer Nadi
athmer Nadi

Nadi® is a sealing system for retrofitting that has many unique selling points and advantages. Especially in residential construction, Nadi® convinces with its many advantages.

Advantages of a drop seal

Installing an automatic drop seal is always a good idea, because it noticeably increases living comfort. Its use offers reliable protection against:

  • noise and other disturbing sounds
  • dust and dirt
  • draughts
  • vermin
  • unpleasant odours

In addition, there are doors that have to fulfil special tasks. Functional doors require special drop seals, the function of which must also be checked and approved by a recognised body together with the corresponding door in public buildings. They protect against sound, smoke, fire, draughts, moisture and cold. In addition, the automatic drop seals support the fulfilment of building code requirements.

Fields of application

object area

  • administration building
  • hotel and gastronomy
  • hospitals and medical practices
  • retirement homes
  • residential complexes
  • swimming pools and spa areas
  • underground garages

private area

  • front doors
  • apartment doors
  • interior doors (sliding door/hinged door/pivot doors)
  • kitchen areas

How to fit an automatic drop seal

Installing the automatic drop seal is also child's play. It can be invisibly grooved into the underside of the door, fixed to the underside of the door with a rail or visibly retrofitted to the door leaf.

How to cut back an automatic drop seal 

If you pay attention to the side of the seal and the specified short dimension, a door seal can be cut to the appropriate length of the door.

Do you have questions about drop seals?

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