Performance without restriction

Thresholds ideally compensate for unevenness of the floor.


Our range of aluminium and stainless steel threshold plates provide a stylish connection between two rooms or spaces, covering the gap between different floor types and thicknesses. The range can be supplied with or without pre-drilled holes, providing the option for a more practical, screwed installation or a more aesthetic, screw-free installation with adhesive.
Threshold plates provide an optimal sealing surface for our drop seals to seal against. The majority of the range is low-profile, designed with a focus on minimising impact on movement through a building. Our range also consists of certified barrier-free solutions to cater to recent construction trends and the rapidly growing sector of barrier-free living.

  • high tightness due to perfectly matching threshold and seal
  • up to 22 dB higher sound insulation values for carpeted floors
  • covering of joints in tiled floors creates an even surface to rest on

Thresholds function

for carpeted floors

  • up to 22 dB higher sound insulation value
  • separation of the carpet recommended

for tiled floors

  • production of even bearing surfaces
  • covering joints

Product examples

athmer Schwelle
athmer Schwelle
athmer Schwelle 3-104

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