Athmer Fingerschutz® on fire and smoke protection doors

Therefore, for more than 10 years now, Athmer finger protection systems have been fitted on fire doors and have proven themselves in use.

thmer Fingerschutz® on fire doors

Athmer finger protection systems are also suitable for use with fire doors and smoke protection doors. Numerous fire tests have been carried out successfully with door manufacturers / system providers.

Procedure - retrofittable

Finger protection systems are not subject to any standard, as they are neither defined in EN16034 nor in EN1634. Retrofitting of fire and smoke protection doors is therefore not regulated by standards. Finger protection may not be installed on a fire or smoke protection door without the approval of the door manufacturer / system provider. 

Without the approval of the door manufacturer, the approval of the door expires in the event of a structural change. The installer / fitter who installs the finger protection system must contact the door manufacturer in advance. Door manufacturers / system providers are familiar with Athmer products and their requirements. By contacting them, they can provide information about a possible retrofit and can issue a written approval.

Three options for fitting 

1. Approval of the door manufacturer / system provider based on a successfully passed fire test

  •  Entry in the general building control approval (abZ)

2. Release of the door manufacturer / system provider due to a non-essential change

  • according to assessment / experience of the door manufacturer

3. Approval by the building authority / fire inspectorate on site, taking into account expert opinions and possible substitute measures

  • Release and approval on a case-by-case basis/in individual cases

Changes and additions to fire protection closures

In the publication dated 01/12/2009, the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) describes permissible changes and additions to fire protection closures and fire protection closures with smoke protection properties.

As finger protection is not explicitly mentioned in this publication, this regulation does not apply to finger protection systems. To allow finger protection systems to be fitted to functional doors, one of the above-mentioned options must be used.

Athmer will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have.

Wichtige Informationen für

Operators, architects, installers

Before installing finger protection systems on fire and smoke protection doors, they must be approved by the door manufacturer. However, a deviation from the regulations listed here is possible with the permission of the responsible fire protection office (building authority, building control)!

Door manufacturers

The necessary tests and approvals for fire and smoke protection doors must be arranged by the door manufacturer. Athmer supports the door manufacturer in carrying out tests for other door systems and obtaining approvals.

Do you have questions about finger protection?

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