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Automatic drop seals


Innovative USPs of the athmer seals

athmer is an innovation leader.

The combination of experience, expertise and quality enables us to continuously develop our product range.

Schall-Ex® family for glass doors

We stick to the highest level of sound insulation.

The new glass door seal family is based on a special high-tech adhesive tape. Instead of the frequently used wet
bonding with silicone or complex UV bonding, installation using the special adhesive tape from athmer enables
efficient and immediately loadable bonding without drying times.
Internal load tests have proven the high resistance of the adhesive bond, and the advances are even more evident
in the sound insulation values: our new seals set standards in the glass door sector.
As a modular system, the new family offers 5 variants for sub-assembly for toughened safety glass thicknesses
of 8 mm and 10 mm and laminated safety glass thicknesses of 10.76 mm, 12.76 mm and 17.52 mm as well as a
surface mounted variant. It is also characterised by the uniform height of all variants and can be used both DIN
left and DIN right simply by turning.

Benefits of a drop seal

Sealed doors for more comfort.Installing an automatic drop seal is always a good idea, because it noticeably increases living comfort. Its use offers reliable protection against noise and sounds, dust, dirt and unpleasant draughts.


Door thresholds in entrance areas can be dangerous tripping hazards. A coordinated system of our zero threshold and automatic drop seal can support active fall prevention.

Pivot L-15 with perimeter seal

Our sealing solution for single and double acting pivot doors. Top and bottom are sealed with an automatic drop seal fitted offset with a special rolling actuator for pivot doors.
Additionally, the door is equipped at the top and both sides with a smoke and acoustic fin seal offering minimum resistance.

Pivot L-15 Set with magnetic seals

Swinging pivot doors without frames are mostly used in prestigious offices and buildings as well as in private homes. Architects use them as an elegant solution for large, heavy doors or as an alternative to mobile partition wall systems.

Stadi delayed drop

To avoid pressurisation when closing the door, selected Stadis are available with an optional mechanism, which delays the dropping of the seal.

Universal M-12

With the Universal M-12 system, sliding doors made of timber, metal and glass up to a size of 2,000 x 3,000 mm running in front of the wall can be sealed on four sides without affecting the appearance.

Schall-Ex® L-8/30 WS

For highly sound-insulating double rebate doors an fkush doors with additional rebate with a groos dimension of only 8 x 30 mm specially developed for the second sealing level.


Whatever demands are placed on a seal: the Stadi meets them. The latest version of athmer's sealing range for metal and system doors made of PVC, steel or aluminium is so versatile and adaptable that it covers a wide range of applications.


Nadi® is suitable for retrofitting and improves the sound insulation values. In addition, it upgrades existing fire doors to smoke protection doors.


The Schall-Ex® is the classic drop seal. Thanks to the tool-free adjustable sliding release, time is saved during installation.

Installation videos

Schall-Ex® - fitting

The new generation of seals can also be installed much faster and thus more cost-effectively. Thanks to a standard sliding actuator mechanism that can be adjusted without tools, there is no longer any need to invest time in attaching a protective pressure plate - even on lacquered timber frames.

Schall-Ex® FS - fitting

Our range of surface mounted drop seals have been designed for use with existing doors that have been ubjected to new performance requirements. Slimline, stylish design and concealed fixing points help maintain the door aesthetic where fully concealed drop seals cannot be fitted. For instances where time is a factor, clever installation features accommodate quick and easy installation.
Their main purpose is to provide an effective barrier against sound transfer at the door threshold, as well as smoke, air, light, dirt, dust, insects and odours.

Nadi® LM - fitting

The set for reveal mounting. The heart of Nadi® is the spring-loaded seal. The system thus ensures that the door always closes tightly - even if the door is thermally deformed.

Nadi® FM - fitting

The set for flush mounting. Nadi® meets the requirements of DIN 18095 as well as the new European standard EN 1634 for use as retrofit smoke protection for existing fire doors.

How to shorten an automatic drop seal

If you pay attention to the side of the seal and the specified short dimension, a door seal can be cut to the appropriate length of the door.

Finger protection


NR-32 UniSafe® 

Every day, unnecessary accidents happen at doors that are not or insufficiently secured. With athmer finger protection systems, trapping fingers between the door leaf and frame can be effectively prevented.

Installation videos

NR-32 UniSafe® - fitting

Our new environmentally friendly mounting aid makes the mounting of the NR-32 UniSafe® finger protection roll even faster and easier. The mounting aid not only has the appropriate fastening screws stored ready to hand,
it also serves as a stop for aligning the roller blind to the door and frame. All without prior measuring and marking!

NR-32 UniSafe® - timber doors

The safe installation of the NR-32 UniSafe® on timber doors explained simply in a few steps. Thanks to the new mounting aid, fitting the roller blind is even faster now!

NR-32 UniSafe® -  aluminium system doors

The safe fitting of the NR-32 UniSafe® on system doors explained simply in a few steps.
In addition, adaptation to existing hardware systems, such as pushbar, touchbar, impact protection bracket, etc., is possible and offers the fabricator more flexibility on site. The retaining profile is pre-equipped for this as standard and can simply be sawn and notched.

BA-28⁺- fitting

BA-28⁺ is a hinge-side protection profile for top hinges on aluminium doors. It is suitable for securing the secondary closing edge on the hinge side.

BU-K⁺ - fitting

The adapted profile geometry and the adjustable 2D fastening element ensure easy assembly/disassembly. Readjustment is also possible and thus offers ideal protection for the door on the hinge side.

Technical centre

In our technical centre, we test the sound insulation value of your products as well as their resistance to air, driving rain and wind load. We accompany and advise you in the various stages of your product development - always with the aim of getting your product ready for the market quickly, efficiently and in the highest quality.

The test facilities

Building acoustics

In our sound test stand, we can collect sound insulation values for joints and building elements such as doors, gates and windows. The laboratory meets the requirements of EN ISO 10140 and consists of three rooms that together form an L-shape.
The sound test laboratory is supervised by the experts from ift Rosenheim, who also supported us in its planning.

Smoke protection

We use mechanical clamping elements to mount your product in our smoke protection test stand. There it has to prove its functionality: The smoke tightness is tested at ambient temperature and at an increased temperature of 200 degrees. Furthermore, we record whether the element deforms. The test specimen meets the standard if its leakage rate is less than 20 m³/h for single-leaf doors and 30 m³/h for double-leaf doors.

Burglar resistance

In accordance with the applicable standards EN 1628, EN 1629 and EN 1630, we test how well your building element withstands manual burglary attempts and how it reacts to dynamic and static loads. The first step in the static test is to apply a compressive force of up to 15kN at specified load points, depending on the resistance class. Then we check whether the element can withstand repeated blows from a 50 kg pendulum.

Continuous function

Open, close, open, close - we test how your single or double-leaf door behaves in continuous operation in accordance with the applicable standards EN 1191 and Din 4102-18. For this purpose, we install your product in the test device and subject it to a permanent load. This way, your customers can also be sure that your products will do their job for many years and are thus a long-term and safe investment.

Air, wind load and driving rain

Our air, wind and water test stand meets the requirements of the applicable standards of DIN EN 1026 and DIN EN 1027 and is calibrated annually by an independent laboratory. For the test, we clamp your building element - for example exterior doors, gates, windows, roller shutters and facades - precisely into the twelve square metre test facility. A flexible grid system makes it possible to create a customised frame for your product.

Temperature resistance

In accordance with the applicable standards EN 1628, EN 1629 and EN 1630, we test how well your building element withstands manual burglary attempts and how it reacts to dynamic and static loads. The first step in the static test is to apply a compressive force of up to 15kN at specified load points, depending on the resistance class. Then we check whether the element can withstand repeated blows from a 50 kg pendulum.

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