The design of our BD profiles has been optimised. The risk of impact can be reduced right at the hinge.

BD hinge-side protective profile

Unfortunately, the protection of the hinge side of doors is still neglected - especially in this area of the secondary closing edge, serious injuries can occur, including the shearing off of fingers. In the past, many accidents on the hinge side could be prevented with the hinge-side protection profiles for blunt doors with hinges for adjustable pick-up elements.

athmer has further optimized the design of this BD profile in order to avoid a possible risk of impact directly on the belt and to offer a more visually appealing solution - the BD. In addition to the design-optimized BD profile for roller hinges, Athmer rounds off its range of hinge-side protection profiles with the BA-28⁺ and BA-22⁺ for surface-mounted hinges on metal and plastic doors with a wide variety of geometries. All hinge side protection profiles are made of anodised aluminium and can be colour matched to the door.

Advantages of the profiles

  • Supplied ready equipped for doors with a drop seal
  • Design-optimised to prevent any impact hazard directly on the hinge
  • Versions for various hinge diameters 18 - 24 mm
  • Optionally with end caps
    Gives profile edges a more rounded contour and meets hygiene requirements
    Forms an attractive finish and prevents entrapment (e.g. stair doors)
  • Retrofittable & maintenance-free colour matching possible
  • Available as set for installation under, between and above the hinges
  • Length supplied: 1,950 mm, reducible by customer

Technical characteristics

  • Reduction of the risk of impact directly on the hinge
  • Ø18 - 24mm
  • Aluminium profiles anodized or colour-coated
  • suitable for outdoor use
  • Fixed lengths available
  • available as a set suitable for mounting below, between and above the hinge
BD+ alt vs. neu
BD+ alt vs. neu


Do you have questions about BD profiles?

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