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Every day, unnecessary accidents occur due to doors that are insufficiently protected or not safeguarded at all. Every day, unnecessary accidents occur due to doors that are insufficiently protected or not safeguarded at all.

NR-32 UniSafe® 

Planners, installers and building operators have relied for years on athmer’s tried and tested finger protection systems, as they offer added value in reliable safety, e.g. in kindergartens, schools, or medical and nursing facilities.

New standards in design, safety & functionality

athmer has developed the NR-32 UniSafe®, a new and universal useable finger protection system which is convincing due to its unique design, improved safety and many additional features.

One design for all applications

  • appropriate integration in existing interior and door designs
  • internal & external options available offering a continous design througoutthe building
  • increased stability of the housing due to the special design
  • easy to retrofit on most door types
  • individual choice of length and colour und Länge ab Werk

Safety in use

  • more protection by covering the door gap
  • protection caps defuse profile ends
  • tamper-resistant click-system with concealed screws prevent from manipulation of the system e.g. by kids or teenagers

Productfeatures NR-32 UniSafe®

Save time and money

The new click-system offers additional options

The new click-system allows the installer to mount the finger protector very easy and gives the option to install the fixing profiles and then the main finger protector at a later date. Furthermore the system can be easily demounted to allow for servicing and cleaning issues.

Click-system for quick and safe installation and dismantling

  • saves time and money due to intelligent installation with only a few attachment points
  • trouble-free installation possible during day-to-day operation
  • click-system with acoustic feedback when correctly engaged
    • system can be bonded to glass doors
Befestigung NR-32
Befestigung NR-32

Property fixing in 2 steps – safe commissioning guarantee

  • time-shifted delivery and mounting of the fixing profiles and the finger protectorprevents the product being damaged during building phase
  • fixing profiles can be pre-assembled in the factory. No additional drilling on site needed
  • time-shifted mounting of the finger protection secures hand over of building site
Bauphase NR-32
Bauphase NR-32

Service and cleaning made easy unlocking

  • trouble-free service of hinges, adjustment of drop seals by maintenance personnel
  • easy cleaning also of the door gap and surface wipe disinfection tested
  • especially suitable for health care areas with high hygienic requirements

Flexibility on site

Additional functionality provides added values

The possibility to adapt the system to existing hardware devices or to add an extra ram protection provides more flexibility to the planner or installer – for every requirement the perfect solution.

Adaption to existing hardware simply on site

  • adaptation on existing hardware devices like pushbar, touchbar or ram protection provides more flexibility on site to the installer
  • a standard groove in the profile allows to notch as necessary
  • standard accessories consist of screws for wooden and steel doors
NR-32 Panikstange
NR-32 Panikstange

Ram protection for tough environments

  • ram protection element made out of stainless steel as upgrade for hospitals or airports – to avoid damage caused by hospital beds or luggage trolleys
  • deflection shield as additional protection for the door and frame – especially for power operated doors
  • optional available length: 500 mm, 960 mm and 1.923 mm
NR-32 Rammschutz
NR-32 Rammschutz

Fitting instructions video

Product details and specifications

New standard colours - no surcharge for NR-32 UniSafe®

  •   C-0 silver anodised
  •   RAL-7016 anthracite
  •   RAL 9016 white

Note: In addition to the standard profile colours you can also choose from the large colour palette of the RAL Card Classic, and also other anodised shades such as C-31, C-32, C-33, C-34 or C-35. All other special requests on request.

athmer Fingerschutz NR-32
athmer Fingerschutz NR-32
athmer Fingerschutz NR-32
athmer Fingerschutz NR-32
athmer Fingerschutz NR-32
athmer Fingerschutz NR-32
athmer Fingerschutz NR-32
athmer Fingerschutz NR-32

Technical data

Reduction in frame clearance dimension32 mm
Min. – Max. length325 - 3.000 mm
Standard length*1.925 mm/2.050 mm
Length supplied for power operated doors**2.000 mm/2.500 mm
Special lengthsavailable
Can be reduced by-
Ram protection – optional500/ 900/ 1923 mm

* Length supplied for standard doors in accordance with DIN 18101 with a basic dimension of 2000 and 2125 mm
** In accordance with EN 16005 - Power operated pedestrian doorsets - Safety in use

Product documents

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